Sunday, January 4, 2015

My 2015 Goals

There is something I absolutely love about the new year! (Should that be capitalized?  Am I using that in general or specifically?  Who knows...good thing no one entrusts me to teach their kids grammar, oh wait, they do!)  While I do love decorating for Christmas and filling my home with all of our memories and creating that warm, cozy feeling, I also love taking everything down.  There is something so nice about the renewed, minimalist look (I use the term minimalist very loosely, there is just less junk than before, that counts, right?) It's the same feeling I get when I can throw out an empty food container, it's so satisfying to have one less thing in our house.  I love the new clean and open feel we eventually have when all of the junk is put away and reorganized.

January is also the perfect excuse to refocus on my goals, which inevitably wane at the end of every year.  And, my list loving self adores making a list that I can check off throughout the year.  And then this list and spiral into a weekly list, and then that list into a daily list.  Oh, how I love making lists.  So much satisfaction from making and then marking out each item...

I thought this year about how to organize my goals and categorize them, and decided on focusing on different aspects of my life that seemed the most doable.  So without further ado...

Goals for My...

Mind and Soul
  • read one pleasure book per month
  • read one self improvement, money, marriage, etc. book per month
  • continue to rise early to read a Bible study book and pray

  • celebrate our 10 year anniversary with a trip--10 years, say Whaaaat?!?!
  • date night once per month
  • do 6 "out of the norm/adventurous" things together
    • I'm thinking zip-lining, white water rafting...
  • read aloud one book per month
  • work on "The Bloom" family devotionals through Jelly Telly
  • find one activity per child
  • reduce our non-mortgage debt by 30%
  • paint all remaining interior rooms (our bedroom and bathroom, living room, den, kitchen, hall bath, hallways)
  • stain porch and deck
  • landscape front yard and kids' playground stuff
  • build horseshoe pit
  • clear off creek bank
  • invest in quality, spiritually uplifting relationships
  • join a Bible study

  • walk 500 miles


  • follow through with my posting schedule
  • find and complete one blogging class/tutorial

Wow! That seems like A LOT, but I feel motivated and ready to tackle it all!  I can wait to see everything marked off of my list at the end of the year. Only 361 days left, I better get started!

What are your plans for the year?


  1. Love the goal list! Many of my blog posts center around goal fulfillment, so I love to see someone else blogging about their personal goals and nice to see someone else hanging in with Blogger too. Check out my blog if you get a chance

  2. Goals are great! I'm such a list person and if I put something on my list, then I MUST do it!! I'm going to hop over to your blog and check it out!