Saturday, March 7, 2015

Frugality: Fails and Accomplishments

Another week has passed in our family's journey toward increasing our frugality and paying off our debt.  As we have so often been reminded on this long journey, there are ups and downs and what works for others may not work for us and vice versa.

We might as well start with the positives.  Accomplishments:
  • no daycare for the week: didn't have much control over this with the snow, but savings: $38
  • Camdyn made homemade birthday cards for two birthday parties on Saturday: so much cuter and special, savings: about $3

  • I ate leftovers for lunch all week: savings: about $15
  • We ate PBJ sandwiches instead of going through the drive-through Wednesday after church: savings: about $15


Friday the hubby and I spent the day in town after his doctor's appointment.  I was so excited to spend some coupons I had received in the mail. Two coupons were for $10 off of $10 spent at JCPenny and then I had $15 in rewards at Rack Room.  The plan was to only spend $20 at JCP and then essentially spend nothing out of pocket.  Then I had expected to spend a little more than $15 at Rack Room because I had my doubts that I would find a decent pair of shoes for less than $15.  I don't mind to spend a little extra on sandals because I wear them FOREVER and need them to last.  I was planning on spending no more than $20 out of pocket for all of this.  But, that didn't work out.  
The JCP coupons had to be used in 2 separate transactions and what I had picked out was more than $10, so I over spent there.  Then, I couldn't stand to not use the other one and ended up picking up 2 little casual shirts so that I could use the coupon--overspent there as well.  At Rack Room the shoes were $35, so I spent $20 out of pocket.  To make a longer story, even longer, I spent $47 for 3 shirts and a pair of sandals. Not too bad, but I wish it would have been less.

All in all, not too bad of a week.  We keep reminding ourselves to stay focused and all of our hard work will pay off in the end.  Also, we are learning to give ourselves grace and allowing ourselves to spend a little money here or there so we don't indulge all at once when we feel frustrated.  While I might not have gotten as good of deals as I had hoped for when I went shopping, I sure can't wait to wear those new clothes!!!

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  1. Yes give yourself some grace. We can always do more, but we must give our self credit for what we did do. I think you had a great week and those sandals are gorgeous! I too live in sandals, so they have to last

    1. Yes, sandals are a MUST! I would wear them all year long if I could!

  2. What kind of daycare costs only $38 a week?? Part-time?

    Enjoy your new clothes! It's frustrating when you don't save as much as you'd hoped, but at least you didn't pay full price.

    1. It is an at home daycare and I only pay by the day. This year my little girl is only going Mondays and Fridays because she attends preschool the other days. I have an amazing sitter who doesn't "need" the money, just enjoys the children!! ~Yes, I know that I am very lucky =)