Friday, November 21, 2014

Why I Don't Let My Husband Grocery Shop...

After a really stressful week, my husband so kindly offered to go to the grocery store.  I was so excited, not because I hate to go grocery shopping--it's actually calming sometimes compared to being at home with the two little monsters--but I just really wanted to lay on the couch and do nothing.  As he's walking out the door, he tells me to text him a list because he'll go to the store after he leaves his part-time job (What a great man!  He works so hard for us!  And yes, I'm feeling a little guilty writing a post that seems like I'm complaining when he's going to the grocery story for me after leaving his second job...)

A little while later, I dutifully looked through the cabinets, saw what we need to get our week started and to pack Little Man's lunches.
        "milk, string cheese, Capri Sun, applesauce cups--store brand, green apples, and bananas"

I sent that text with my fingers crossed because I know good and well that he has a hard time sticking to the list!  I hate to waste money on the extras!!!  I was actually waiting for a reply text that said something like, "What aisle do I find applesauce on?", but I got nothing.  Relieved, I zoned out for a little while longer and relaxed with some mindless TV.  (Again...feeling a little guilty...)

Well, a little while later, the front door opens up, and in he walks with about 5 full bags.  UH-OH!  What has he bought?  Now, I'm not a huge food prude, well maybe a little, but I do try really hard to stick to a budget and not buy overly processed food.  I started unpacking the bags, and this is what I found.

Aaahhh!!! I could hardly take it!  THIS WASN'T ON THE LIST!!!!!  All thankfulness had disappeared and all I could see were chemicals eating away our insides and money flying out the door.  I tried really hard to contain myself and not appear as crazy as I felt.

"What is that?"  I calmly asked.
He replied, "Well, you had a stressful week with your grandmother's funeral so I got you cookies.  The kids were really good through all of it and I thought they might like a treat for breakfast,  And, well, the cinnamon rolls are for me."

Well, then I felt like a total, selfish.... you can fill in the rest.  But the whole situation really got me thinking.  Do I get so caught up in always trying to make sure we eat exactly right, don't ever "waste" a dime, and follow all of the rules that I'm somehow missing out on the little pleasures?  Hubby didn't seem to stress one second about buying these.  He knew we had all been sad all week and thought we could use a little pick me up.  I think somehow men are better at this.  They know when it's okay to cut corners and when we can break the little rules.

I truly wish I could be the same.  I frequently get focused on doing it all the "right" way, that I never allow for the forbidden third cookie after dinner or staying up a little later on a school night.  Sometimes it would just be nice to let all of that go for a little bit and just be.

Will I start purchasing this stuff on a regular basis?  Probably not, I just don't think I can bring myself to do it.  BUT will I fully indulge without guilt whenever hubby decides to buy it?--ABSOLUTELY!!!  And truth be told, I have snuck a few spoonfuls of cookie dough, the kids have LOVED their new cereal, and I'm writing this post right now scarfing up one, well two, of the leftover cinnamon rolls.  Thank you Dear for knowing what we all need and when we need it!

Let me know if you struggle with this too!!  I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Lol to chemicals eating away our insides! Now I'm going to sound like I'm complaining, but there's a reason why I end up doing all the grocery shopping. My husband has said to me on occasion he doesn't want to end up hearing me if he brings home the wrong brand or if it's not organic or something like that. BUT, he does do the shopping once in a while and I have been impressed with his choices lately. I now make sure I point that out so I'm not scary grocery lady. Visiting from #Thriving Thursday

    1. Haha to scary grocery lady because that's exactly how I feel sometimes. I really don't think I can release the control =) Somehow those foods don't seem as bad for me if I don't purchase them. Wishful thinking???