Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August Meal Plan and Shopping Week 2

I think I am one of those weird people who actually like grocery shopping and meal planning.  There is something so exciting about planning out good, healthy meals and knowing I am going to have food in the house for the week.  Such a stress reliever to not have to worry about rushing to the store last minute every day!  Meal planning is a must folks!  Trust me--you'll thank me later!

When it comes to meal planning, I have tried it all.  Monthly, bimonthly-meaning every 2 weeks, (does any one else get confused and wonder if that means twice a month or every two months?  Maybe it's just me...), and weekly.  I think with school just around the corner and life about to get CRAAAZY we're going to stick with weekly.  It seems that something is always popping up last minute and weekly shopping will be more flexible.

We don't necessarily plan out what meal we're going to eat which day, but just have different options available.  I know, living on the wild side, right?  =)

If you are dying to eat like us, here's our grocery list!  A little higher than I planned on, but we needed a few things that are only once a month items.

Food Lion
Whole Wheat English Muffins                         $1.50
Sugar                                                             $1.97- .35 Savings Center Coupon (hadn't planned on this,                                                                           a coupon printed when I scanned my card, so I took                                                                                     advantage of the savings.  Sugar coupons are rare!)
Butter Snap Pretzels                                       $2.50
Croutons                                                        $1.29
Wonder Bread                                               $2.39 (.25 back from Ibotta, .25 back from Savings Star)
Bleu Cheese Dressing                                     $2.00
Ranch Dressing                                              $2.00
Bagel Thins                                                    $1.99
Turkey Pepperoni                                           $3.49 (Ssshh, don't tell my family it's turkey!)
Shrimp                                                           $7.99 - 1.25 Coupon Hub digital coupon
Shaved Ham                                                   $2.50
Celery                                                            $1.69
Lettuce                                                           $1.49
Onion                                                             $1.28 (.25 back from Checkout 51)
Dozen Eggs                                                    $2.08 (.25 back from Ibotta)
Cool Whip                                                     $1.22
Whole Milk Mozzarella                                   $3.69
String Cheese                                                $3.69 (coupon didn't work...)
Milk                                                              $3.79 (.25 back from Ibotta)
Greek Vanilla Yogurt                                      $4.99
Hawaiian Rolls                                               $3.99
Gouda                                                           $5.49
Chapstick                                                      $1.89 (ooooh my sun burnt lips!)              
Kids Soap X2                                                $4.00-1.00 instant savings
coupon for $4 off when you spend $45 or more!
                                                          Total: $63.91-$1.00 rebates: $62.91

Oooooh how I love that this local grocery store is now in our town!!!
Chicken breasts                                             $5.54 (half this week, half for meals next week)
Bacon X 2                                                     $5.58(again, one this week, one next--what a great price!)
Sliced Swiss                                                  $2.89
Polish Sausage                                               $2.14
Fresh Blueberries                                           $2.00
Fresh Raspberries                                          $2.00
Fresh Blackberries                                         $2.00
Fresh Strawberries X 2                                  $4.00
Multi Grain Crackers                                      $2.50
Butter X 2                                                     $6.00 (why is butter so expensive?)
Chive and Onion Cream Cheese                    $2.69
Ketchup X 2                                                 $2.00
Bananas                                                        $1.28 (.49/lb)
Peaches                                                        $3.88 (.99/lb)
Scott Paper Towels                                       $5.00
Peanut Butter M&Ms                                    $.69 (oops...my little treat ;)  )
                                                     Total: $59.34

Weekly Total: $122.25  Monthly Total: $122.25 (BUT we were at the beach for the 1st week...)

A little higher than my goal of $100 a week or $475 for the month, but I think I'll make that up considering there will be carryover foods from this week.  Also, this is for all of our food this week, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The kiddos and I will be eating breakfast and lunch every day here, and the hubby has a separate budget for his lunch out.  His schedule is so sporadic and hectic that some days, rather most days, it is practically impossible for him to drive home.  We also don't have a separate budget for going out to dinner.  We have a $50 entertainment budget and if we decide to eat out somewhere, it comes from there.

I splurged a little on things like Gouda for $6 and a bunch of fresh fruit.  If I buy a few nicer, more expensive things at the grocery store I think I am less likely to want to go out to dinner because I don't feel like I'm missing out and it is still way cheaper than buying a meal.  Do you agree or is that wishful thinking??

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