Thursday, March 5, 2015

Goals Update: January and February

Wow!  The first two months of 2015 have flown by.  Between winter weather, internet outages, crazy busy schedules, and just plain 'ol life I haven't been able to get on here for a while!  But with the promise of Spring right around the corner, we are supposed to have our last snow today--temperature in the 60s next week!, I am once again hoping to start fresh.  So here is an update on how my goals are going for the year.

Goals for My...

Mind and Soul
  • read one pleasure book per month
    • January: The Witness Wore Read, The Rosie Project
    • February: did some reading, but not a fiction book
  • read one self improvement, money, marriage, etc. book per month
    • January: Too Busy Not to Pray 
    • February: The Five Love Languages, Parenting the Heart of Your Child, The Best Yes
  • continue to rise early to read a Bible study book and pray
    • check

  • celebrate our 10 year anniversary with a trip--10 years, say Whaaaat?!?!
    • planned, but no reservations set.  Looking at 5 nights in a cabin in Tennessee!!
  • date night once per month
    • January: lunch and shopping!
    • February: movie and dinner at the house with no kids!
  • do 6 "out of the norm/adventurous" things together
    • I'm thinking zip-lining, white water rafting...
      • hoping for warmer weather soon...
  • read aloud one book per month
    • January: lots of smaller books, but not a chapter book
    • February: Junie B. Jones
  • work on "The Bloom" family devotionals through Jelly Telly
    • need to get back on track with this
  • find one activity per child
    • Camdyn will start gymnastics and still looking for Colton
  • reduce our non-mortgage debt by 30%
    • January: 2.8% of total debt paid off
    • February: 4.9% of total debt paid off
  • paint all remaining interior rooms (our bedroom and bathroom, living room, den, kitchen, hall bath, hallways)-- February: master bathroom and hall bathroom painted--thank you snow days!
  • stain porch and deck
  • landscape front yard and kids' playground stuff
  • build horseshoe pit
  • clear off creek bank
  • invest in quality, spiritually uplifting relationships
    • definitely making progress on this
  • join a Bible study
    • yes!

  • walk 500 miles
    • Well January and February were super cold and super snowy, so no progress here.  BUT we did buy bikes and hope to start doing that!  Maybe I should change this to bike 500 miles.


  • follow through with my posting schedule
    • Uh, nope.  Really, really, really need to do this.
  • find and complete one blogging class/tutorial
    • Found one, paid for it, now I need to follow through with reading everything.

Well, there you have it!  Even despite life's busyness, it's good to see that things are still getting accomplished.  It's all about balance and during those busy seasons of life only focusing on those things that are most important.  I am looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring!

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