Friday, August 15, 2014

True Cost of Supper

Here to prove that more often than not cooking supper at home is cheaper and better and healthier...

Ham & Swiss Poppyseed Rolls with Applesauce and Broccoli

Ham & Swiss Rolls
Deli Ham $2.50
Swiss Cheese $2.89
Poppy Seeds: These are expensive, but last forever.  I'm going to estimate about $.50 for this dish.
Mustard: Ballpark estimate of $.25
Worcestershire Sauce: estimate of $.15
Dried minced onions: estimate of $.10
Butter: $.75
Hawaiian Rolls: $3.99

Total: $11.13 or $2.78/person for our family of 4

Applesauce: $.50
Broccoli: $1.09

Total: $1.59 or $.40/person

Total for Dinner and Dessert: $12.72 or $3.18/person

Well this dinner didn't go exactly as planned.  Bad News: I don't have a picture.  Good News: We got home really late from t-ball and baseball games, BUT because I had menu planned and I knew I had the ingredients on hand for a quick meal, we were able to eat at home and healthier than if we went through a drive through!

So...instead of a picture of food, here's a cute picture of the kiddos from baseball!

Family Reactions
Daddy: "We need these at least once a week!" Mommy: "They were yummy and super quick!"  Bubbie: "I like the ham and cheese, but don't love the topping." Sissy: "I didn't eat it."

Tip: Make sure you maintain a well stocked pantry and buy when ingredients are on sale.  This greatly reduces your dinner costs and ensures that you aren't buying multiple staples in one week, just to make one meal.

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