Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What We Did Together: Week 1--Top 3 Board Games

For a game-loving family, this Christmas we hit the JACKPOT!  Ca-ching!  Santa and my parents really knew what kinds of games our kiddos and the big kiddos (that being my husband and me) would really love.  Games are probably our favorite way to spend family time.  We are all somewhat extremely competitive and I can already see that brewing in our children.  (Flash-forward to our 4 year old smugly grinning at her Daddy as she lays down a "skip" card in Uno.)  We literally spent hours laughing, conniving, and secretly keeping a running tally in our minds of who had the most wins.  I think I must sadly admit defeat to my husband--I WILL beat him at Boggle or die trying!

We played some really great games, but in an effort to save your and my sanity of an extremely long post, I'm just going to tell you about our Top 3.  Drum roll please....And the winners are, in no certain order...


Why we love this game:
  • Everyone can play, even our 4 year old and have a legitimate chance of winning (parents-you don't even have to let your kids win!)
  • The teacher in me loves the number sense that is built with this game.  My little Peanut was getting pretty good at recognizing if the answer should be a 1, 2, or 3 digit number.
  • It doesn't take very long!!

Why we love this game:

  •  Everyone can play!
  • Again, teacher's heart here...matching, letter recognition
  • Oh my little competitors began to shine...seeing how much fun they had laying down a skip, Draw 2, and even the dreaded Draw 4
  • All of the fun of the classic UNO game, but a few twists
    • you can record your names into the Robot, but then others can record nicknames for you.  With a 4 and 6 year old, it goes without saying that we had some creative names floating around
    • sometimes the robot tells you to switch cards with another player

Why we love this game:

The Settlers of Catan

  • It's complicated and we love that about it!
  • You have to trade, which requires a little bit of cooperation--something hard to find in this competitive family!  When is the last time someone sat at your dining room table and said, "I'll trade you some wheat for some wool?"  I'm guessing it's been a while ;)
  • You can completely screw up someone's game in one move!  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing that sudden drop in your brother's face when he realizes you just blocked a plan he had been working on for several rounds.  (Yes, I'm 32. Yes, he's 30. And YES, I still love every.single.time I can beat him!)
Game night is going to be at a whole new level with these games in our arsenal.  I cannot wait to see what fun we'll have with our kids and extended family throughout the year!!

What are your favorite games?  What game must we absolutely try out??

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